Lorenzo Avaldi (Italy): Spectroscopy and dynamics of molecules of biological interest

Igor Bray (Australia): Convergent close-coupling theory for collisions in atomic and molecular physics

Till Jahnke (Germany): Small helium clusters: few atoms, many phenomena

Philippe Roncin (France): Elastic and inelastic diffraction of fast atoms at surfaces. 2D materials, thin films, epitaxial growth

Peter Bruggeman (USA):

Pietro Favia (Italy): Plasma Processes for Life Sciences

Masaru Hori (Japan): Plasma Science towards Next-generation Healthcare Innovations

Pascal Boubert (France): Optical diagnostics in high enthalpy plasmas

Jürgen Meichsner (Germany): Influence of negative ions on the dynamics of electric gas discharges

Roland Stamm (France): Line shapes in turbulent plasmas

Hiroshi Azechi (Japan): Status and future prospects of laser fusion research at ILE, Osaka


  • Nelson de Oliveira (France): High resolution absorption spectroscopy of transient species in the VUV
  • Patrick Rousseau (France): Molecular growth inside of (polycyclic aromatic) hydrocarbon clusters induced by ion collisions
  • Denis Ceolin (France): Photoemission on liquids in the hard X-rays regime: first studies at the GALAXIES beamline, SOLEIL synchrotron
  • James Sullivan (Australia): Positron scattering measurements from biologically relevant molecules
  • Felix Julian Schulze (USA): Realistic surface coefficients for secondary electron emission and electron reflection in PIC/MCC simulations of capacitive RF plasmas
  • Károly Tökési (Hungary): Classical Trajectory Monte Carlo method – Watching quantum physics in real time
  • Christoph Lemell (Austria): Attosecond streaking of photoelectrons emitted from solid surfaces
  • Vito Despoja (Croatia): Interactions of charged particles with double-layer graphene
  • Li Baiwen (China): Recent progress on numerical simulation for high-energy density plasma (HEDP) at IAPCM
  • Carlos Pintassilgo (Portugal): Gas heating mechanisms in N2-O2 plasmas
  • Joe Khachan (Australia)
  • Ronny Brandenburg (Germany): Barrier discharges in CO_2 containing gases at atmospheric pressure
  • Marija Gorjanc (Slovenia): Application of plasma for development of innovative functional and protective textiles
  • Manuel Macias-Montero (UK): Synthesis of quantum dots by atmospheric pressure plasmas and their integration in photovoltaic devices
  • Jinghong Li (China): A Hybrid Transport-Diffusion Simulation in Laser Fusion
  • René Goosmann (France): X-ray imaging polarimetry: a new observational window in astrophysics and fundamental physics
  • Giovanni La Mura (Italy): Relativistic plasmas in AGN jets: from synchrotron radiation to gamma-ray emission
  • Evangelia Lyratzi (Greece): Investigating the reasons of variability in Si IV and C IV Broad Absorption Line troughs
  • Achim Czasch (ROENTDEK, Germany): Single particle counting: Applications in Atomic- and Molecular Physics

  • Milos Ranković (Serbia): Electron impact action spectroscopy of mass/charge selected macromolecular ions
  • Anita Ribar (Austria): Electron interactions with doped neon clusters
  • Jaroslav Kočišek (Czech Republic): Electron-induced reactions in clusters
  • Xu Han (USA): Interactions of atmospheric pressure plasma jet with liquid surfaces
  • Miloš Nenadović (Serbia): Morphological and structural properties of silver and gold nanoparticles obtained by ion implantation in high density polyethylene
  • Miloš Burger (Serbia): The role of spectroscopic diagnostics in studying laser-plasma interaction
  • Sára Toth (Hungary): Generation of highly luminescent color centers in nanocrystalline diamond by CVD method
  • Roland Sachser (Germany): Febid for Application in Material Science and Solid State Physics
  • Yingying Zhang (China): Interaction of moving charged particles with Triple-Walled Carbon Nanotubles (TWCNTs)
  • Zoran Ristić (Serbia) In-situ analysis of the pulsed laser deposition (PLD) fabricated LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures
  • Zdeněk Navrátil (Czech Republic): Electric field measurement in atmospheric pressure radiofrequency discharge in helium
  • Ana Sobota (The Netherlands): Electric fields in kHz'driven plasma jets
  • Goran Sretenović (Serbia): Measurements of the electric field development in helium plasma jets
  • Sylvain Iséni (France): Electric field and discharge properties of single and multiple arrangement of Pulsed Atmospheric Plasma Streams
  • Teodora Gajo (Serbia): Experimental Study of the Influence of Debye Shielding On the Stark Shift of Neutral Helium Lines in Dense Plasmas
  • Marijana Gavrilović (Serbia): Study of single pulse laser induced breakdown on target in water
  • Marija Vranić (Portugal): Laser-matter interaction at the intensity frontier: on the path towards laboratory astrophysics
  • Ivan Milić (Germany): Diagnosing plasma in the solar atmosphere using spectropolarimetry
  • Aleksandra Nina (Serbia): Diagnostics of plasma in ionospheric D-region by VLF radio waves
  • Bin Li (China): Numerical Simulation of Large Scale Laser Filamentation and Beam Smoothing for Inertial Confinement Fusion
  • Joel Rosato (France): Radiation transport with partial coherence in optically thick plasmas
  • Michal Ryszka (USA): Low-energy electron attachment to biologically relevant molecules

LIST OF SPEAKERS AT WORKSHOP X-ray Interaction with Biomolecules in Gas Phase (XiBiGP):
    Sadia Bari (DESY, Hamburg, Germany):
    “Structure and dynamics of gas-phase biomolecules”

    Mattea Castrovilli (CNR-IFN, Milano, Italy):
    "XUV Induced Ultrafast Dynamics in Biological Molecules"

    Sergio Diaz-Tendero (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid, Spain):
    "Unusual fragmentation mechanisms in ionized biomolecules in the gas phase"

    Ronnie Hoekstra (University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands):
    "Large Molecules Break-Dancing in the Spot Light"

    Kuno Kooser (University of Turku, Turku, Finland):
    "Size selective spectroscopy of molecular clusters"

    Robert Seidel (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie, Berlin, Germany):
    "Electronic structure of small biologically relevant molecules in aqueous solutions studied by photoelectron spectroscopy"

    Alberto De Fanis (Germany):
    "The NQS station (Nano-size Quantum System), as part of the SQS instrument (Small Quantum System) at the SASE3 branch of the European XFEL"

    Fabian Holzmeier, (Synchrotron SOLEIL, France):
    "Auger Spectroscopy of HNCO Reveals Dissociative Photoionization Dynamics in Thymine"

    Sanja Tosic, (Institute of Physics Belgrade, Serbia):
    "Fragmentation of halothane molecule by synchrotron radiation"

LIST OF SPEAKERS AT WORKSHOP Non-Equilibrium Processes - (NonEqProc):
    Kinga Kutasi (Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungarian academy of sciences, Budapest, Hungary):
    “Tuning the afterglow plasma composition in Ar/N2/O2 mixtures: characteristics and applications of a flowing surface-wave microwave discharge system”

    Vasco Guerra (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal)
    "Modelling heterogeneous reactions of oxygen-containing plasmas on silica surfaces"

    Svetlana Radovanov (Applied Materials/Varian Semiconductor, USA)
    Title to be announced

    Roberto Celiberto (University of Bari, Italy):
    "Resonant processes of electrons with vibrationaly excited H2 molecules"

    Jianguo Wang (Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, Beijing, PR China):
    "Atomic collision processes in hot, dense plasmas"

    Peter Stokes (James Cook University, Australia):
    "A generalized Boltzmann equation for non-equilibrium charged particle transport via localized and delocalized states"

    James Sullivan (Australian National University Canberra, Australia)
    Title to be announced

    Gustavo Garcia (CSIC, Madrid, Spain)
    Title to be announced


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