List of Accepted Contributed Papers for Poster Presentation


Please take into account that maximum poster size should be format A1 portrait: width 59 cm and hight 84 cm.


POSTER SESSION 1   -   Tuesday 30.8, 18:00

P1-1.16.      D. Jakimovski and R. K. Janev
Electron Capture in H+ - H Collisions with Cosine-Debye-Hückel Screened Interaction

P1-1.17. L. Liu, C. H. Liu, J. G. Wang and R. K. Janev
Spin-Resolved Electron Capture in Be3++Li Collisions

P1-1.18.      Ivan Mančev and Nenad Milojević
Projectile Angular Distribution in Single Electron Capture from Helium by Protons

P1-1.19. Nenad Milojević and Ivan Mančev Thomas
Peak In Fast H+ − He Collisions

P1-1.20. Y. Wu, L. Liu, X. H. Lin, J. G. Wang and R. K. Janev
Cross Section for Spin-Resolved Electron Capture in He+-H Collisions

P1-1.21. M. M. Aoneas, M. M. Ristić, M. M. Vojnović and G. B. Poparić
Rate Coefficients for Eletron Impact Ionization of CO2 in RF Electric Field

P1-1.22.   M. M. Aoneas, M. M. Ristić, M. M. Vojnović and G. B. Poparić
Excitation of the A3Σu+ State of the Nitrogen Molecule in RF Electric Field

P1-1.23.   Marija Grofulović, Luís L. Alves and Vasco Guerra
Swarm Analysis and Dissociation Cross Sections for CO2

P1-1.24.   J. Mirić, D. Bošnjaković, I. Simonović, Z. Lj. Petrović and S. Dujko
Monte Carlo Simulations of Electron Transport in CF3I and SF6 Gases

P1-1.25.   J. Mirić, I. Simonović, D. Bošnjaković, Z. Lj. Petrović and S. Dujko
Electron Transport in Mercury Vapor: Dimer Induced NDC and Analysis of Transport Phenomena in Electric and Magnetic Fields

P1-1.26.   Ž. Nikitović, M. Gilić, Z. Raspopović, M. Petrović and V. Stojanović
Cross Section and Transport Parameters for K+ in Dimethoxy Ethane

P1-1.27.   Ž. Nikitović, Z. Raspopović and V. Stojanović
Transport Properties of He+ in CF4

P1-1.28.   I. Simonović, Z. Lj. Petrović, R. D. White and S. Dujko
Transport Coefficiencts for Electron Swarms in Liquid Argon and Liquid Xenon

P1-1.29.   I. Simonović, Z. Lj. Petrović, R. D. White and S. Dujko
Transition of an Electron Avalanche into a Streamer in Liquid Argon and Liquid Xenon

P1-1.30.   V. Stojanović, J. Jovanović, D. Marić and Z. Lj. Petrović
Cross Sections for Scattering and Mobility of OH- And H3O+ Ions in H2O

P1-2.1.   D. Borka, C. Lemell, V. Borka Jovanović and K. Tőkési
Simulation of Electron Transmission through Platinum Capillaries

P1-2.2.    T. Djordjević, L. Karbunar, V. Despoja, I. Radović and Z. L. Mišković
Plasmon-Phonon Hybridization in Layered Structures Including Graphene

P1-2.3.    E. Giglio, K. Tőkési and R. D. DuBois
A Quantitative Study of Ion Guiding Between Two Glass Plates

P1-2.4.    M. D. Majkić, R. J. Dojčilović and N. N. Nedeljković
Final Charge and Energy Z -Distributions of Slow ArZ+, KrZ+ and XeZ+ Ions in Front of a Solid Surface

P1-2.5. M. D. Majkić, N. N. Nedeljković, D. K. Božanić and R. J. Dojčilović
Rydberg State Population of Slow ArXV, KrXV and XeXV Ions Impinging a Solid Surface at Arbitrary Collision Geometry

P1-2.6.   G. U. L. Nagy, I. Rajta and K. Tőkési
2D Simulation of 1 MeV Proton Microbeam Transmission through an Insulating Macrocapillary

P1-2.7.   N. N. Nedeljković, M. D. Majkić, M. A. Mirković and R. J. Dojčilović
Cascade Neutralization of Slow Highly Charged Ions Impinging a Solid Surface at Arbitrary Collision Geometry

P1-2.8.   V. Burakov, M. Nedelko, N. Tarasenka, A. Nevar and N. Tarasenko
Synthesis of Silicon Nanoparticles by Atmospheric Pressure Electrical Discharges in Liquid

P1-2.9.     Radmila Panajotović and Jasna Vujin
Modifications of Lipid/2D-Material Heterostructures by SEM

P1-2.10.      Kamran Akbari and Zoran L. Mišković
Terahertz Radiation from Multilayer Graphene Induced by a Fast Electron

P1-2.11. M. V. Erofeev, E. Kh. Baksht, V. S. Ripenko, M. A. Shulepov and V. F. Tarasenko
Spatial Structure of Runaway Electron Preionized Diffuse Discharge and Its Impact on a Plane Anode

P1-2.12.      Dragan Pantić, Miloš Burger, Zoran Nikolić, Vladimir Milosavljević, Goran Poparić and Stevan Djeniže Influence of Laser Irradiance, Ambient Gas Pressure and Internal Shockwaves on the Homogeneity of Laser Produced Plasma

P1-3.1. M. T. Belmonte, L. Gavanski, R. J. Peláez, J. A. Aparicio, S. Djurović and S. Mar
Transition Probabilities of Some UV Kr II Spectral Lines

P1-3.2.   N. Cvetanović, O. Galmiz and A. Brablec
Spectroscopic Investigation of the Underwater Diaphragm Discharge

P1-3.3. T. Gajo, M. Ivković, I. Savić, Z. Mijatović, S. Djurović and N. Konjević
The Influence of Debye Screening on the Shift of the He I 706.52 nm Spectral Line

P1-3.4. L. Gavanski, M. T. Belmonte, I. Savić and S. Djurović
Stark Halfwidths of Several O II Spectral Lines

P1-3.5. S. S. Ivković, B. M. Obradović, N. Cvetanović and M. M. Kuraica
Study of Gas Flow Influence on Homogenous Barrier Discharge in Helium

P1-3.6.        V. V. Kovačević, G. B. Sretenović, A. Sobota, O. Guaitella,
I. B. Krstić, B. M. Obradović and M. M. Kuraica
Influence of the Liquid Target on the Electirc Field Strenght in Helium Plasma Jet

P1-3.7.   Dejan Maletić, Nevena Puač, Gordana Malović and Zoran Lj. Petrović
Influence of Air Added in the Helium Flow on the Plasma Bullet Formation

P1-3.8.   Z. Mijatović, S. Djurović, I. Savić, L. Gavanski, T. Gajo and R. Kobilarov
Shift of Hydrogen H Spectral Line Measured in Wall Stabilized Arc

P1-3.9.   Z. Navrátil, T. Morávek, J. Čech and J. Ráhel’
OES Diagnostics of Pre-Breakdown Light Emission in Coplanar APGD in Helium

P1-3.10. Sanja S. Pavlović, Vladimir M. Milosavljević, Patrick J. Cullen and Goran B. Poparić
Optical Diagnostic and Modeling of RF Plasma Discharges in The N2 - Ar Gas Mixtures

P1-3.11. I. Savić, L. Gavanski, M. T. Belmonte and S. Djurović
Stark Halfwidths of Some Spectral Lines of Ionized Silicon

P1-3.12. M. Skočić, M. Burger and S. Bukvić
Self-Absorption in Laser Induced Plasma

P1-3.13. Ilija Stefanović, Vladimir Stojanović, Jasmina Jovanović, Cedric Pattyn, Shahzad Hussain, Eva Kovačević and Johannes Berndt
Mass Spectra Analysis of RF Nitrogen Plasma for Functionalization of Carbon Nanostructures

P1-3.14. M. Vinic, B. Stankov, M. Ivkovic and N. Konjevic
Characterization of an Atmospheric Pressure Pulsed Microjet

P1-3.15.    Julien Annaloro and Arnaud Bultel
State-To-State and Collisional-Radiative Modeling of the CO2-N2-Ar Plasma Chemistry for the Exomars Mission

P1-3.16.    S. Dujko, D. Bošnjaković and A. Luque
Electron Transport in the Planetary Atmospheres Due to Lightning Generated Electromagnetic Pulses

P1-3.17. N. V. Ivanović, Dj. Spasojević, N. M. Šišović and N. Konjević
A Routine for Demixing of Polarization Components in Profiles of Hydrogen Balmer Spectral Lines

P1-3.18. A. P. Jovanović, M. N. Stankov, V. Lj. Marković and S. N. Stamenković
The Influence of Pressure on the Post-Discharge Relaxation in Synthetic Air with Teflon Walls


POSTER SESSION 2  -  Wednesday 31.8, 18:00

P2-1.1. Viktor Ayadi, Péter Földi, Péter Dombi and Károly Tőkési
Initial Phase Space Dependent Tunnel Ionization of the Hydrogen Atom

P2-1.2.        A. Bunjac, D. B. Popović and N. S. Simonović
Photoionization of Sodium by a Few Femtosecond Laser Pulse - Time-Dependent Analysis

P2-1.3.        A. Bunjac, D. B. Popović and N. S. Simonović
Strong-Field Ionization of Sodium in the Quasistatic Regime

P2-1.4. R. Celiberto, V. Laporta, R. K. Janev and J. M. Wadehra
Resonant Vibrational Excitation of Ro-Vibrationally Excited H2 and D2 by Electron Impact

P2-1.5. Nikola Filipović, Vladan Pavlović and Ljiljana Stevanović
Effect of Magnetic Field on Structural Properties of Confined Hydrogen Atom

P2-1.6.   S. Fritzsche, D. Seipt, A. A. Peshkov and A. Surzhykov
Interaction of Atoms and Ions with Twisted Light

P2-1.7.   N. P. Kucska, T. Mukoyama and K. Tőkési
Ionization of Rubidium by Electron Impact

P2-1.8.   J., P. Maciejewska and J. Kopyra
Dissociative Electron Attachment to Benzene Chromium Tricarbonyl

P2-1.9.   M. Z. Milošević and N. S. Simonović
Calculations of Ionization Rates for Alkali-Metal Atoms in Electric Field

P2-1.10.      M. Z. Milošević and N. S. Simonović
Calculations of Electron Detachment Rates for Hydrogen Negative Ion in Electric Field

P2-1.11.      Zehra Nur Ozer and Umran Atmaca
Double Differential Cross Sections of Acetylene at 350 eV by Electron Impact

P2-1.12.      Zehra Nur Ozer and Mevlut Dogan
Electron Impact Ionization of Carbon Containing Molecules

P2-1.13.      Y. Y. Qi, J. G. Wang and R. K. Janev
Oscilator Strengths of Hydrogen-Like Ions in Quantum Plasmas

P2-1.14. M. M. Vojnović, M. M. Ristić, M. P. Popović and G. B. Poparić
Total and Partial Cross Sections for Electron Impact Ionization of N2

P2-1.15.      D. Jakimovski and R. K. Janev
Polarization of Lyman α Radiation from H+ + H Collisions in Debye Plasmas

P2-3.19. M. Klas, L. Moravský, Š. Matejčík, B. Radjenović and M. Radmilović-Radjenović
Breakdown Voltages of Direct Current Microdischarges in Compressed Air

P2-3.20. M. Klas, L. Moravský, Š. Matejčík, B. Radjenović and M. Radmilović-Radjenović
Characteristics of Radio-Frequency Hydrogen Microdischarges

P2-3.21. V. Lj. Marković, A. P. Jovanović, M. N. Stankov and S. N. Stamenković
Surface Recombination of Nitrogen Atoms on Teflon in Afterglow Studied by the Electrical Breakdown Time Delay

P2-3.22.   Vincent Morel, Arnaud Bultel, Lazar Gavanski, Zoran Mijatovic and Stevica Djurovic
Departure from Equilibrium of Ultrashort Laser-Induced Aluminum or Tungsten Plasmas

P2-3.23.   Marija Savić, Dragana Marić and Zoran Lj. Petrović
Monte Carlo Simulation of Radio Frequency Breakdown in Air and Oxygen

P2-3.24. Jelena Sivoš, Nikola Škoro, Dragana Marić, Gordana Malović and Zoran Lj. Petrović
Analysis of Transit Time of Ions in Low - Current DC Discharge in Water Vapour

P2-3.25. S. N. Stamenković, V. Lj. Marković, A. P. Jovanović and M. N. Stankov
The Field Assisted Electron Emission in Neon DC Glow Discharge

P2-3.26. M. N. Stankov, A. P. Jovanović, V. Lj. Marković and S. N. Stamenković
Spectroscopic Investigation, Photographic Imaging and Numerical Modeling of Glow Discharge in Argon

P2-3.27. Vladimir Stojanović, Nikola Škoro, Jelena Sivoš, Gordana Malović, Dragana Marić and Zoran Petrović
Modeling Emission from Water Vapor DC Discharge at Low Pressure

P2-3.28.      M. M. Vasiljević, G. Lj. Majstorović and N. M. Šišović
Gas Temperature Measurements in Hydrogen-Argon Mixture Grimm Glow Discharge

P2-3.29.      D. Bošnjaković, Z. Lj. Petrović and S. Dujko
A New Model of Resistive Plate Chambers Based on Hydrodynamic Approximation

P2-3.30. L. Ellis-Gibbings, A. Traore, K. Krupa, J. C. Oller, F. Ferreira da Silva, P. Limao-Vieira and G. Garcia
Medium to Low Energy Anion Beams and Their Application to Biomolecule Fragmentation

P2-3.31.      J. Kapaldo, X. Han and S. Ptasinska
High Throughput Imaging for Studying the Spatial Effect of Cold Atmospheric Plasma Jets on Cell Cultures

P2-3.32. Milica Matijević, Milovan Stoiljković, Miloš Momčilović, Jelena Savović, Jovan Ciganović and Miroslav Kuzmanović Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy at a Solid-Aqueous Aerosol Interface

P2-3.33. Cristóbal Melero, José Muñoz and María Dolores Calzada
Microwave Plasmas Applied to the Synthesis of High-Quality Substrate-Free Graphene

P2-3.34. Ž. Mladenović, S. Gocić, D. Marić and Z. Lj. Petrović
Influence of Electron Energy Distribution Function on Composition of Atmospheric Pressure He/O2 Plasmas

P2-3.35. J. Muñoz, J. A. Bravo, C. Melero and M. D. Calzada
Aluminum Surface Cleaning and Activation by an Atmospheric Pressure Ar-N2 Microwave Afterglow

P2-3.36. Nenad Selaković, Nevena Puač, Nevenka Gligorijević, Milena Čavić, Gordana Malović, Radmila Janković, Siniša Radulović and Zoran Lj. Petrović
Low Temperature Plasma Needle Reduces the Survival of Cancer Cells

P2-4.1. M. Vlainic, J. Mlynar, O. Ficker, J. Havlicek, V. Weinzettl, M. Imrisek, R. Panek, J.-M. Noterdaeme and the COMPASS Team Influence of Runaway Electrons on Discharge Start-Up in COMPASS

P2-4.2.  C. Y. Zheng, C. Z. Xiao, Z. J. Liu and X. T. He
Competition Between Stimulated Raman Scattering and Two-Plasmon Decay in Fusion Plasmas

P2-4.3.  Jovan Bajčetić, Dušan Raičević and Aleksandra Nina
Solar Lyα and X-Ray Influence on Radio Wave Propagation in Ionospheric D-Layer Plasma

P2-4.4.  V. Borka Jovanović, P. Jovanović and D. Borka
A Short Overview of Our Contribution to Green's Catalogue of Galactic Supernova Remnants

P2-4.5. V. Borka Jovanović, P. Jovanović, D. Borka and S. Capozziello
Fundamental Plane of Elliptical Galaxies and f(R) Gravity

P2-4.6. D. Jevremović, V. Vujčič, A. A. Mihajlov, V. A. Srećković, Lj. M. Ignjatović, M. S. Dimitrijević, S. Erkapić and N. Milovanović
MOL-D: Database for Specific Collisional Processes and Web Service Within the Serbian Virtual Observatory and the Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Center Consortium

P2-4.7. Gordana Jovanović
The Nature of Gravitational and Gravity Waves

P2-4.8.        Gordana Jovanović
The Role of Gravity in the Acoustic Waves Reflection

P2-4.9. J. Kovačević Dojčinović and L. Č. Popović
Stratification in the Broad Line Region of Active Galactic Nuclei: Hβ vs. Hγ Line Shapes

P2-4.10. A. A. Mihajlov, V. A. Srećković, Lj. M. Ignjatović, Z. Simić and M. S. Dimitrijević
Atom Rydberg-Atom Processes in the Stellar Atmospheres

P2-4.11. A. Nina, S. T. Mitrović, V. M. Čadež, L. Č. Popović, P. Kolarž, A. Kolarski and J. Bajčetić
Detection of Plasma Variations in Period of Earthquake Occurred Near Kraljevo in 2010 by Electromagnetic Waves Propagation

P2-4.12. A. Nina, S. Simić, V. A. Srećković, A. Djulaković and L. Č. Popović
Short-Term Disturbances of the Low Ionosphere Induced by γ-Ray Bursts

P2-4.13. N. M. Sakan, V. A. Srećković, Lj. M. Ignjatović and A. A. Mihajlov
Bond - Bound State Transitions in the Frame of Coulomb Cut-Off Model Potential

P2-4.14. D. Savić, R. Goosmann, F. Marin, V. L. Afanasiev, L. Č. Popović and D. Ilić
Measuring Black Hole Masses in Active Galactic Nuclei Using Polarization in Broad Line Profiles

P2-4.15. Zoran Simić, Milan S. Dimitrijević and Vladimir Srećković Stark Broadening of Bismuth IV Spectral Lines in A Type Stellar Atmospheres


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