The Fourth International Workshop on Non-Equilibrium Processes (NonEqProc)

The Fourth International Workshop on Non-Equilibrium Processes - NonEqProc will be organized within the framework of the 28th Summer School and International Symposium on the Physics of Ionized Gases (SPIG). It will be held on 29th of August 2016 at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. All registered at SPIG will have an option to participate in the workshop free of charge. In addition, it is possible to register just for the workshop. Speakers at the workshop may participate in the special publication of invited lectures and progress reports presented at SPIG.
The workshop originated as a part of the FP6 COE project in 2006 which had the basic aim of promoting centers of excellence in Western Balkan countries, to facilitate dissemination of their results and to help them establish themselves in the broader arena of European and international science. The program of the previous Workshops was augmented by inviting some of our colleagues who visited the COE in recent years or have an active collaboration with participating members. The Workshop continues to cover a wide area of topics from application of plasmas in nano-electronics to elementary processes in non-equilibrium systems and even broader range of topics with the common thread of non-equilibrium phenomena playing a major part in the basic physics and also in the technological applications.

We hope that the continuation of our Workshop will contribute to finding a common thread that connects different topics, even different fields that share some aspects of the phenomena associated with non-equilibrium. Topics of the workshop can be divided as following:

- Elementary processes in plasmas
- Nonequilibrium discharges at low pressures
- Nonequilibrium discharges at atmospheric pressure
- Plasma applications
- Collective phenomena in plasmas
- Positrons in gases and liquids
- Charged particle swarms and transport data
- General nonequilibrium processes and transport theory


Professor Zoran Lj. Petrović
Institute of Physics Belgrade
Pregrevica 118,
11080 Belgrade,

Program of the workshop can be found here.


Vasco Guerra (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal)
“Modelling heterogeneous reactions of oxygen-containing plasmas on silica surfaces”

James Sullivan (Australian National University Canberra, Australia)
“A positron reaction microscope”

Jianguo Wang (Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, Beijing, PR China)
“Atomic collision processes in hot, dense plasmas”

Svetlana Radovanov (Applied Materials/Varian Semiconductor, USA)
“New Trends in Low Energy Ion Implantation”

Nikola Škoro (Institute of Physics Belgrade, Serbia)
“Heavy-particle processes in low-pressure water vapour discharge”

Peter Stokes (James Cook University, Australia)
“A generalized Boltzmann equation for non-equilibrium charged particle transport via localized and delocalized states”

Lilian Ellis-Gibbings (CSIC, Madrid, Spain)
“Modelling low energy particle tracks in biologically relevant media”

Vladimir Stojanović (Institute of Physics Belgrade, Serbia)
“Denpoh-Nanbu theory in modeling low pressure discharges”

Kinga Kutasi (Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungarian academy of sciences, Budapest, Hungary)
“Tuning the afterglow plasma composition in Ar/N2/O2 mixtures: characteristics and applications of a flowing surface-wave microwave discharge system”

Roberto Celiberto (University of Bari, Italy) “Resonant processes of electrons with vibrationaly excited H2 molecules”


June 30 2016
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June 14 2016
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June 1st 2016
Early registration extended to 1.7.

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